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About KM Tooling

Craftsmanship & Quality since 1960

Working from concept through design, prototype through production, KM Tooling is an innovative resource for rubber molders, cast polyurethane molders, cold forgers, and die casting manufacturers. KM Tooling designs and manufactures precision rubber molds, cast polyurethane molds, cold forming dies, and trim dies. In addition to the mold and die work, KM Tooling provides custom, precision short-run machining services.

"We make the difficult part easy." As part of the Molded Dimensions Group, we answer your most challenging questions concerning plastic, rubber and urethane parts and components.
KM Tooling was originally known as Knuth Machine & Tool and was established in Cedarburg, WI.
KM Tooling was originally known as Knuth Machine & Tool and was established in Cedarburg, WI.

Our Difference

KM Tooling sets itself apart by being an innovative, experienced, and efficient resource.

• Innovative Design
KM Tooling Engineers become active consultants during the product design process providing design for manufacturability suggestions. Our goal is to reduce your process costs and add value to your end product. This ensures a robust process and higher quality part for the entire product life cycle.

• Experienced Craftsman
We credit our expertise to our Journeyman Tool and Die Makers, Engineers, Pattern Makers, Jig and Fixture Makers, and Machinists who in total have more than 250 years in the industry.

• Efficient Production
Up-to-date, well-maintained equipment results in reliable, efficient production. Communication throughout the project and on-time delivery both add to the customer experience.

Our Mission

As a growing business, KM Tooling's goals continue to reflect and improve on the business traditions established in 1960 by Wilferd Knuth.

Our goals include:

Our Quality

Our quality makes us an asset to every customer. KM Tooling incorporates both in-process and pre-shipment quality checks for prototype molds, production molds, cold forming dies, trim dies, and custom machined product.

KMT quality and customer satisfaction are a result of:

• Engineering Input
Design for manufacturability input, as early as the quoting stage, results in cost-effective mold and die manufacture, the leanest possible processing cost, and a high-quality end product for the life of the project.

• Investment Strategies
On-going maintenance and equipment upgrades, along with new equipment purchases and regular personnel training, impact our ability to remain a cost-effective leader. As tool and die makers, KM Tooling produces high-quality, on-time molds and dies manufactured using the latest design and construction methods, and as machinists KMT produces cost efficient short-run solutions.

• Pride in Craftsmanship
Our Journeyman Tool and Die Makers, Engineers, Pattern Makers, Jig and Fixture Makers, and Machinists take the time to fully understand customer expectations so they can deliver a quality crafted end product.


Originally known as Knuth Machine & Tool, the mold and tool shop started by Wilferd (Bill) Knuth in 1960 was originally located in Cedarburg, WI, as a supplier to local rubber molding companies. In support of the growing Midwest manufacturing sector, Knuth Machine & Tool relocated to a larger, more functional space in Grafton, WI, in 1984, to expand its machining services and better serve the needs of its growing rubber and cast polyurethane mold customers. Knuth Machine & Tool transitioned to Bill's son, Don Knuth, in 1991.

After 50+ years of private ownership, Knuth Machine & Tool was purchased in 2014 by Molded Dimensions, a long term customer located in nearby Port Washington, as a way to provide a suitable retirement strategy for Don Knuth and an efficient new ownership transition for the tool and die manufacturer. The new company, named KM Tooling, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Molded Dimensions.